Invictus. Innovation in Power & Water

Invictus is introducing a new innovation into the global power industry. It will change many lives around the globe, in particular people without access to conventional electricity and plentiful water. Atrakt has developed a dynamic corporate/industrial brand pushing into markets strongly held by existing players. The emotional sell is coupled with technical benefits to deliver a successful pitch.

Atrakt continue to partner with Invictus to fulfill ongoing marketing & advertising requirements as they grow and expand into global markets.

Deliverables include:

  • Logo
  • Brand Concepts
  • Advertising Concepts
  • Pitch Deck
  • Website
  • Stationery

Let's get things started with a Skype chat ...

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Atrakt sustains the caiv foundation 100% through our services. As such, we do not charge GST. Your invoice will be branded Atrakt for the Caive Foundation. Our services are a business expense and are deductable. Appropriate ATO forms will be supplied if required with invoice for your records. The Caive Foundation researches & establishes practices to educate the mind, body & spirit for a sustainable life. We call it - Sustainable Self. shall be available soon.

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