Odeum Farms

Odeum Farms is an established Farm-to-Supermarket distributor. Their role requires intense quality assurance throughout the entire process. Australia’s largest supermarkets require a high level of quality control. Odeum was being overlooked in the packaged goods market due to a perception of insufficient QA. This was a common perception by large corporates in regards to Western Australian producers.

Atrakt was commissioned to create a video that would quash these perceptions. Atrakt produced a video that shows the client through the entire QA process leaving no doubt of the superb quality Assurance of Odeum Farms. Needless to say Odeum’s quality assurance perceptions were resorted with their client, one of  Australia’s largest supermarkets.

Deliverables include:

  • Investment Proposal
  • Quality Assurance Video
  • Videography
  • Video Editing

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Atrakt sustains the caiv foundation 100% through our services. As such, we do not charge GST. Your invoice will be branded Atrakt for the Caive Foundation. Our services are a business expense and are deductable. Appropriate ATO forms will be supplied if required with invoice for your records. The Caive Foundation researches & establishes practices to educate the mind, body & spirit for a sustainable life. We call it - Sustainable Self. www.caivefoundation.org shall be available soon.

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