Sero Institute

The Sero Institute is a non-school qualification provider specialising in hospitality and business leadership. Their courses range from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma. Atrakt was invited in to rebrand all communications giving a younger, more modern and vibrant energy. The immediate response from the sales team was very positive stating the kids were drawn towards the colour. This new brand strategy will lead Sero into new markets both locally and abroad.

Atrakt continue to partner with the Hero Institute to fulfill ongoing marketing & advertising requirements as they grow and expand into global markets.

Deliverables include:

  • Brand Concepts
  • International Student Prospectus
  • Course Brochures
  • Stationery
  • Social Media Assets including Video

Let's get things started with a Skype chat ...

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Atrakt sustains the caiv foundation 100% through our services. As such, we do not charge GST. Your invoice will be branded Atrakt for the Caive Foundation. Our services are a business expense and are deductable. Appropriate ATO forms will be supplied if required with invoice for your records. The Caive Foundation researches & establishes practices to educate the mind, body & spirit for a sustainable life. We call it - Sustainable Self. shall be available soon.

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