How to Create Landing Pages That Convert


Watch the video and see how we build landing pages that convert for any industry. The video is full of hints and tips for you to implement.


Atrakt's Pre Strategy Session Marketing Review

Your website isn’t converting

Your ads aren’t converting

You’re not getting the leads you need, and it hurts.

It hurts because you know there are 1,000’s of people in your market that have a problem that you can solve for them. There is no shortage of people with that problem. If only they would use you.
We construct offers and present them with impact, uniqueness and class … These offers are presented in your ads and websites we build in a way that transforms how people see you, interact with you and choose you online … and they convert.
I’m not talking about ‘buy one get one free’ offers. They’re for businesses with weak products and services. I’m talking about constructing offers that solve peoples problems. Problems that people will pay top dollar for you to solve.
Let's look into what’s holding your marketing results back.

This review will allow us to understand why your website or ads are not converting.

We get a good picture of what you have in place and what needs to be put in place before we start our strategy call.

In the in-depth Marketing Review we go through:


Your product or service offering


Website tracking such as Facebook Pixel & Google Tags


User Experience (UX)


Mobile Website Optimisation


Branding & Messaging


Website Speed


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There is quite a bit to go through. The review process will be completed over the next 2 working days.

Once completed, we can book a strategy call and discuss our findings.

Chris was great to work with. I was skeptical at first, particularly through the first couple of months of building and testing, but then the leads just kept coming. Less and less tire kickers and more ready to go clients. Just what my business needed. I highly recommend Digital Marketing with Atrakt.

Brett M

General Manager , 8S

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