Google Ads (Adwords) Campaign Case Study


Watch the video and see the 3 simple steps we used to transform a company from 0 business to 78 leads per month in a crowded market using Google Ads and a simple yet dynamic website.


Your website isn’t converting
Your ads aren’t converting
You’re not getting the leads you need, and it hurts.
It hurts because you know there are 1,000’s of people in your market that have a problem that you can solve for them. There is no shortage of people with that problem. If only they would use you.
We construct offers and present them with impact, uniqueness and class … These offers are presented in your ads and websites we build in a way that transforms how people see you, interact with you and choose you online … and they convert.
I’m not talking about ‘buy one get one free’ offers. They’re for businesses with weak products and services. I’m talking about constructing offers that solve peoples problems. Problems that people will pay top dollar for you to solve.
Watch the case study video. See how just one ad technique took a company from 0 business to receiving 72 qualified leads every month. Then book a Free Strategy Session so we can look into what’s holding your marketing results back.

Let's look into what's holding your marketing results back. Book a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call with a full marketing audit review.

The information we speak about on the call might not be popular, but it will be effective. I think it’s time we solve your problem, create the steps to get you on track, and generate qualified leads.

I think you’ll agree that’s a valuable way to spend 30 minutes.

Let's look into what's holding your marketing results back. Book a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call with a full marketing audit review.

The information we speak about on the call might not be popular, but it will be effective. I think it’s time we solve your problem, create the steps to get you on track, and generate qualified leads.

I think you’ll agree that’s a valuable way to spend 30 minutes.


My client runs a service, repair and installation business in Perth Western Australia. Clients typically require a quote before commencing and there is no shortage of competition.

They had never advertised before and was quite skeptical of the process. As the landing page and ads unfolded, the skepticism turned to optimism.

Now, they are busy tending to jobs!

Initial Problems:

New Business with no prior trading.

Maneuvering into a very crowded space with only 1 testimonial

No existing offer of USP

No existing marketing material or website


0 – 78 leads per month with a super high 70% conversion rate

Short Funnel – Google Search Ads to Landing Page to Conversion email or call

Solid click through rate in a highly competitive market

Becoming an authority that people reach out to in minutes

How did we do it?

Relevance In – Relevance Out.

This is your new Google Ads Conversion Mantra.

Creating the ads. I know the tendency is to include as many keywords as you can. I get it, I’ve been there before. There are so many ways you want to be found. Evidently after many attempts at perfecting Adwords, is a grave mistake. You need to focus.

How to do it correctly. Firstly, we wrote down and researched keywords and key phrases that would be a success for the client. Looking at Google keyword planner and looking through the eyes of our client personas were crucial practices at this stage.

We then separated them into individual Ad Groups. This is key to the focusing of each of the Google Ads (9 ads in 3 ad groups in the one campaign to be exact) and to maximise the click through rates delivering the maximum conversions. The ad’s headline and the headline of the landing page (H1 title tag) corresponded with the key phrases. All 3 steps have to carry through the same relevance. Key Phrase, Ad Headline & Landing Page Headline.


Picture yourself searching for anything on Google. For the sake of it, lets say ‘Mining Safety Gloves’. If the key phrase is “mining safety gloves” and the ad’s headline says “Mining Safety Gloves” there is a high chance you’ll click it. This is particularly true if the ad’s sub heading tells you why they are the best gloves to get.

Key phrase tip: Use each key phrase as a broad match, a +broad +match +modifier, a “phrase match” and an [exact match] to better your impressions and click through rate.


Landing Page. The next step is where you go after the click. If the headline on the landing page is “Durable, reliable and comfortable Mining Safety Gloves that don’t limit your movement.” then you know you’ve come to the right place. This is what I call Relevance In – Relevance Out. If one of these steps is missed then the user feels misguided and will bounce (leave your page and search again). You’ve just wasted your daily budget with no results!

Remember relevant key phrase, relevant headline & relevant landing page headline. This is the technical basis for a successful Google Ads campaign.

That being said, I will put up a disclaimer at this stage. Although it is the basis of a successful campaign, it’s only the beginning. This is where a carefully crafted landing page comes into it. A great ad campaign can easily come unstuck without a great offer. Here’s some food for thought. What makes you stand out from the crowd. What makes you the obvious choice. What is it that brings together your key benefits with the user’s end goals? These questions all need to play out on the landing page.


Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client. What motivates them and what are they looking for right now? As before, let’s say they are searching for “Mining Safety Gloves”. What makes your gloves the obvious choice? Affordability, popularity, the look, the freedom of movement or is it available in todays fashion colours? Let’s go with freedom of movement because this will deliver the most benefit for the user, particularly on a mine site. This benefit will help with the  price you’ve put on them! ‘Freedom of movement’ should be present on the Google Ad’s sub heading giving the user a picture of what to expect. Having the main benefit on your ad’s sub heading will also help deter buyers only looking on price. 

There’s nothing worse than racking up your budget to people who are only wanting to buy the cheapest. Let them chew up your competitors budget! 

The key benefit or USP should also be prominent in the landing page headline or H2 headline. The rest of the page is dedicated to the features, benefits and proof as to why these gloves will solve the user’s problems of poor performance in the past so they can look forward to a better future. Yes, we are just talking about gloves at the moment. Quick question, how can your product or service deliver a better future for your future clients?


Testimonials. A testimonial will help cement your trustworthiness and product/service authority. In fact if you have 10 testimonials, put them on your page. They may not trust you immediately, but they trust what others say about you. If only 1 simple testimonial helped my client achieve 90 leads a month, what could a couple more do for you?

Is it simple to buy from you? I hope so. In the case of my client, there is a simple form outlining the items needed to quote and the users contact details. This enables my client to respond quicker with a better understanding of what the user is looking for. There is also a call now button which gets used often. Some wish to write what they want, and some find it easier to call to speak with some one. The options must be clear and simple to action, particularly on a smartphone.


Mobile first!!! Speaking of smartphones, in my experience there will be a large percentage of users searching for your product on their mobile phone. Your landing page better perform on a mobile or your bounce rate will be through the roof. I use a responsive approach to web development. This allows the landing page to seamlessly work on both mobile and desktop platforms. All the major sell points are easily skimmed and the clear call to action is simple to use on both platforms.

Google also prefers a mobile friendly landing page. In fact your landing page affects your ad’s quality score more than you might think. Is your site what’s best for Google to sent their users to? is it completely relevant to their search?

Remember, to maximise your conversion rate you need to think: Relevance In – Relevance Out.

I know this is a lot to take in and whether you’re looking at Google ads, Facebook ads, Email marketing or creating a killer landing page, there is a level of complexity in each of them that demands a steep learning curve.

You may have further questions like ‘how could this work in my industry’ or will this work for me because I have a longer sales cycle’. Each business is different in the way the sales process works. For my client they are selling service, repair and install ranging from a simple $600 sale through to $5,000 sale. This will work for your business even if your product is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your future clients are still searching with key phrases, clicking on relevant ads and responding to relevant landing pages. You may need to introduce more elements to your campaign such as a deeper lead funnel, lead magnets and progressive email marketing sequences. Video will also work wonders in gaining trust and simplifying complex product offerings.


Another avenue to consider is Facebook Ads to get in front of decision makers with your solution. They may not know that they need your solution yet or they may not know that you could save them tens of thousands of dollars.

If you would like some help with your campaign or to discuss the right way to market your product or service, I offer a 35 minute strategy session and an online digital marketing audit for free. Check out the link below. Let’s make a time to sit down and chat.

Chris was great to work with. I was skeptical at first, particularly through the first couple of months of building and testing, but then the leads just kept coming. Less and less tire kickers and more ready to go clients. Just what my business needed. I highly recommend Digital Marketing with Atrakt.

Brett M

General Manager , 8S

Atrakt has the capacity to service only a few select clients ready to transform the way their audience sees them.

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Let's look into what's holding your marketing results back. Book a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call with a full marketing audit review.

Let’s solve this problem and create the steps to get you on track to generating qualified leads.