Logo creations as diverse as the companies they represent…

Once you read the article ‘Don’t spend another dollar on your logo design until you’ve read this’, you’ll be full bottle on how to move forward and get the right logo for your business.

If you’re looking for some more guidance, or if you’re considering me to create a logo for you, then let’s schedule a strategy call. We will both gain clarity about your brand and become clear on how to proceed.

I’ve been creating logos for over 20 years.

In that time I’ve developed a system to generate world class bespoke logos for companies across many industries.


Are You Asking The Right Questions?

If you’re not getting the results you need perhaps it comes down to the information that the designer asks for. That’s an easy fix. The questions I ask will also resonate through all your marketing efforts.

Across Many Industries

Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrials and tech companies have all benefited from the branding I create. There seems to be a strength and urgency that comes out in the designs and the market really likes it.


Mark It As Done

Once I’ve gathered the right information, I start immediately researching the industry and how the competition is positioned. Then comes the first round of designs. Sometimes I hit the nail on the head, sometimes we’re back to the drawing board. One things for sure, we keep going until it’s perfect for you.

Book a strategy meeting to ensure you get the logo you really want

Perhaps you’ve tried other designers or other logo websites promising amazing logos. Only to receive some basic clip art style logos that have no standing in your ultra competitive market.

Or, perhaps you’ve used an agency only to have it feel like they were fleecing you for little results and still not “getting you”.

I’ve developed a system that ensues you get what you want.

What is an attention arresting first impression worth to you?

Here are just a few of the logos I have created for Industrial Companies around the world.

Mate, you just get it. That is the most professional thing we’ve put out to market in a long time.

Stuart Manifold

CEO, iCollege Ltd

Chris has been creating logos for my businesses for a long time. They just keep getting better, they’re world class.

Rick Parish

CEO, Aquarius Management (UAE)

I enjoyed the process. We just kept going until we found ‘the one’. It’s modern and strong and positions our company well in the global market.

Peter Green

General Manager, ECO33 - Energy Conservation

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