Attraction has procured an exquisite range of T-Shirts across 3 unique brands to fit your life, style, and dollar.

Each brand offers a unique take on fashion and how it represents your lifestyle, movement, and attitude.


Essentials done right.

Quality T-Shirts from AU$25 – $35

Simple, durable, and fits like a champion! Plane’s range is a staple for everyday wear and a must have in every mans wardrobe.

All Plane T-Shirts are manufactured sustainably, both for our environment and the tailors who make them. Using sustainably sourced 100% organic cotton making Plane T-Shirts strong, durable, and feels good on your skin!

Find a Plane T-Shirt that fits your lifestyle now.

People. Nature. Systems. You.

Premium T-Shirts from AU$45 – $65

Our minds are an on off system that is programmed over time to believe certain things and our experience of reality is simply the result of those beliefs.

Can you be the observer in all situations and truly see yourself and your reactions. Are they even yours? Un-condition yourself from the constraints of societal pressure and your limiting beliefs.

Observe T-Shirts delve into the latest environmentally friendly fabrics and manufacturing techniques to deliver high end feel and fit.


Uniqueness. Art. Expression.

Fashion T-Shirts from AU$65 – $155

A commitment to quality and feel allows you to fully express your life with Atrakt’s range of exquisite T-Shirts.

You’ll find a design that speaks to you and pushes your attitude to the outside world extending your visual presence.

Atrakt only uses premium fabrics and low numbers of availability to ensure uniqueness and perfection.